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The grand majority of Mallorcan towns organise a market once or twice per week, a tradition that dates back to ancient times when the farmers, ranchers and craftsmen brought their produce to the town square so that the locals could stock up for the coming week. In the markets of Mallorca you can find Mallorcan gastronomy and crafts in their purest form: fruit and vegetables (most of which in season), spices, the famous sobrassada, cheese, wine, sweets, clothes and shoes, farm animals, plants, cooking utensils... Here are a few of the most famous markets, offering you a great way to spend the day:


In Sineu, located right in the middle of the island, you will find a market that must be the most frequently visited in all of Mallorca: the Sineu market. Since olden days, crowds of people pour into Sineu every Wednesday to visit its market. If you decide to go and check it out, we recommend going early, that way by the time the crowds arrive, you can pop into one of the many restaurants found around the town square to enjoy a delicious Mallorcan afternoon snack.


Another market fighting for top place is the Pollença market (every Sunday) which, thanks to the town’s beauty and excellent location, nestled between sea and mountains, has captured the hearts of many visitors. It is also a great idea to visit Calvari, where steps will lead you up to some great views, perfect for working up an appetite!


On Thursday, it’s the turn of the Inca Market, a friendly market located along the main streets of the town, where you can find more or less all of the same products previously mentioned. The market, however, is known for its fur products, such as jackets or shoes (in Inca you can find some top brands).


The Santa Maria del Camí market takes place every Sunday and, thanks to the good transport connections with Palma, it’s one of the most lively markets for tourists and locals alike. Here you will find similar products found in other markets: local deli produce (sobrassada, Mallorcan blood sausage, cheese...), vegetables from local farms, artisanal products such as herbs, honey, and liqueurs, pottery, clothes, shoes and accessories... What makes this market special is its selection of great wines, produced in the Santa Maria and Binissalem regions – don’t miss the opportunity to buy a quality local wine at a great price!

Whichever market you choose, don’t forget to bring your senalleta, a typical Mallorcan basket used for carrying food, so you can pick up a few things while you’re there. If you don’t have one yet, you can find one in any of the markets mentioned above or in boutiques. Don’t worry about transport – we’ll take you to the markets in one of our buses. Feel like visiting one today?