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Sant Antoni must be the biggest and most traditional festival in Mallorca. The festival takes place in January, just after Epiphany, when Mallorca celebrates Saint Anthony. In fact, for many Mallorcans, the Christmas celebrations are just a warm-up for the Saint Anthony celebrations.


Artà, Manacor, Sa Pobla, Muro, Pollença, Capdepera... Many towns compete to throw the biggest party, and everyone knows who the winner is... their own town, of course!


Over several days, various traditional events take place to mark this ancient festival. The main protagonists are Saint Anthony and the Devil, who act out a battle between good and evil, accompanied by music, dances and fire. The battle is always won by Saint Anthony. Groups of devils, young and old, from all the island’s towns prepare their spectacles of fire and music; families and friends collect wood to stoke the bonfires, and prepare the typical spinach, sobrassada, blood sausage and meat to be roasted during the evening; streets are closed; children paint their faces; you can hear the music from all around... All while the town’s devils and Saint Anthony act out scenes from the life of saint’s life before hundreds of enthusiastic spectators. 


This is one of many good reasons to visit Mallorca in the winter, where you can discover the real culture and traditions of this sunny beach island whilst avoiding the crowds (apart from the crowds you’ll find at the town festivities, of course).


If you decide to visit Mallorca in January, get in touch with Futurtrans: we have a selection of buses for different group sizes, with which we can arrange an airport transfer and take you to some of the lesser-known sites so often overlooked by the summer tourists.