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The Hermitage of Victory is one of those places that you start to enjoy before arriving. The historic building is located within the municipality of Alcudia, in the north of the island of Mallorca, right on the peninsula from Pinar or the Victoria peninsula. This land entrance into the sea is the separation between two of the great bays of Mallorca, the Bay of Alcudia and the Bay of Pollença. It is one of the virgin spaces with the least human footprint and that preserves the authentic spirit of the Mediterranean. 


The road that leads leads through rocky terrain, full of virgin and native vegetation, with pine as an outstanding element. Bordering the mountain all the time, without ceasing to see the sea, we reach Restaurante s'Illot, a highly recommended place both for lunch, dinner and especially to watch the sunsets. 

Its surroundings are full of stone coves, many of difficult access on foot. Fact that, in summer, it attracts boats that leave the Bonaire Marina, a small port known as "El Cocodrilo", to anchor in tranquility and spend a few hours enjoying the crystal clear water. 


Following the path, after a few kilometers of ups and downs accompanied by views of pure nature, the road ends right at the parking lot. With the new government regulations, bus companies like Futurtrans, we can bring people with coaches of up to 35 seats. This road that leads to the hermitage is highly appreciated by local cyclists, both for the ups and downs, and for the beauty of the views, especially in the last section, just past the shooting range and reaching the hermitage. 


The hermitage is a small fortified church. It is located about 140 m above sea level about 7km from the town of Alcudia. Inside we can find the virgin of Victory, a gothic-style carved wooden sculpture dating from the 16th century. The construction of the hermitage dates back to the 13th century. Its reconstruction and adaptation to the Baroque state, with semicircular arches, was not until the end of the 17th century. 


Despite being in the midst of nature, the services provided by the space are fantastic to spend time in the most pleasant way possible, whether alone, as a couple, with friends or with family. It is the starting point of fantastic excursions, such as the one proposed by the tourism website of the Alcúdia City Council or those that can be found in the links that we add to our post about excursions in Mallorca. There is also a small rustic-style pension, Petit Hotel Hospedería La Victoria, overlooking the Bay of Pollença and the Cape of Formentor peninsula, which offers to end and start the day in a secluded setting, ideal to relax. 


The Victory is one of the essential places to visit if you are a lover of nature and Mediterranean beauty. 


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