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One of the most visited tourist attractions of Mallorca are the underground caves located at Campanet and in Porto Cristo. Each year, hundreds of people go there to find out more about their origins and to look at the extraordinary formations that have been created within them.

Starting with the Caves at Campanet, these are located on the outskirts of the mountain town of Sant Miquel towards the northern part of the island of Mallorca. They have a surface area of 3.200 square metres and a distance of almost 400 metres. They are found in the Tramuntana Mountains and are some of the most notable caves within the natural heritage of the island. It is worth emphasising that, nearby, you will find Ses Fonts Ufanes, an impressive natural fountain that emerges after heavy rainfall. 

The Campanet Caves were discovered in 1945 when they were searching for water. As a consequence of geological processes (Karst formations), these caverns began to be formed 12 million years ago. During their discovery, along with other species, a large quantity of fossils of Myotragus balearicus, an endemic Mallorcan vertebrate, came to light. Today, these are part of a large variety of organisms which constitute an important part of the biological heritage, and they are the object of a great deal of research by specialists and universities.


During your visit, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, you can choose whether you would like to discover the delights of the cave on your own and contemplate the magic of the formations as they reveal themselves, or you may prefer to follow the explanations of a guide who is a specialist in these caves and their stalactites and stalagmites.

Alternatively, the Cuevas del Drach are located in the town of Porto Cristo on the east coast of Mallorca. They have an approximate length of 1.200 metres and a depth of around 25 metres. Within their interior, you will find a great jewel: the Martel Lake, one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world. 

Their discovery goes back to the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1880 that they were explored for the first time. They consist of four caves: Cueva Negra, Cueva Blanca, Cueva de Lluís Salvador and Cueva de los franceses, all of which are connected with each other.

The tour takes approximately one hour, and as well as being able to pause to observe the shapes, the rocks and the mineral deposits that have formed through time, you can also enjoy a classical music concert. These have been performed on Martel Lake since 1935, and you can also enjoy a boat ride on the lake. 


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