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The festival of San Juan in Mallorca is widely celebrated in many towns. Many celebrate this day as the start of summer and, on the shortest night of the year, there is a multitude of fairs. Although the 24 of June is the festival date, many towns extend their festivities. Below, we suggest the best ways to enjoy San Juan in Mallorca.

Starting at Mancor de la Vall, its festivities for the saint day of San Juan are some of the most important on the island around this time. Normally, they begin a week before the 24th of June with various activities. One of the best-known of these in recent years is the Street Parade of Menorcan Horses, which is followed by concerts in Son Morro. What’s more, two days before the festival, the Movida Manorina burst into being with acts from different music groups and finally, the Great Fair takes place on the 23rd of June. During the day of San Juan, various activities take place, such as the formal function in honour of the Patron Saint John the Baptist, which is known as the Ball dels Cavallets (Dance of the Horses) and the Batalla Festiva (Festive Battle) in honour of the elders, among others. The festival finale is a firework display to mark the end of the celebrations. 

San Juan is also the patron saint of Muro, and he reflects the importance of these festivities in the town, which tend to last around fifteen days, ending on the 24th of June - the day of San Juan. During this time, numerous events take place for all types of people: from activities for children, fairs for the young ones, the Sopar a la Fresca (the town’s annual outdoor meal), sports and cultural activities or the well-known 40-ride fair in the Town Square.

In Alaró, on the 23rd of June, the Festival of the Flame is held at Alaró Castle with a guided visit of its walls. This celebration consists of people walking from the town up to the castle and, once there, eating a meal of trempó (a summer salad) which is provided for everyone free of charge. The fair ends with the speech and lighting of the Flame, accompanied by music and commentaries. 

Son Servera is also one of the Mallorcan towns that celebrates San Juan, as he is also their patron saint. The starting point for the festivities is marked by the Announcement of the festivities, along with the Sopar a la Fresca. But the main festival begins at dawn on the 23rd of June, with the Fair of San Juan, with singing and dancing with various music groups. The festivities continue until the 24th when there is a morning Mass in honour of the patron saint, followed by a concert featuring the local music band, until festivities end at nightfall with the Traditional Dance Show. Even so, it is not until the end of the month when the festivities finally come to an end with the End of Festivities Concert.

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