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Spring is a fantastic time to enjoy a good excursion in Mallorca: we have an excellent temperature; reservoirs, the torrents and streams have not yet succumbed to the summer heat; plants sprout and bloom leaving behind beautiful postcard pictures; and, above all, we won't find the crowds of people as in the high season.


At Futurtrans we usually take groups of excursions daily with our buses during these months. In most cases, we usually leave them at the departure point of the route to pick them up a few hours later at the same point, although depending on the excursion (if there is no circular route or if you don't want to make the return journey) our drivers head to the end of it, at an agreed point, to make the collection. It should be noted that at Futurtrans we have very comfortable buses with different capacities for our trips. It should be noted that at Futurtrans we have very comfortable buses with different capacities for our trips.


On the island we have a wide variety of trekking routes for all tastes and physical levels, from demanding mountain walks to relaxed walks by the sea to reach a beautiful cove. Some of our favourites are: L'ofre i Cúber, Castell d'Alaró, Puig de s'Esclop, Barranc de Biniaraix, Son Real, Torrent de Pareis, Salt des Freu, s'Albufera, Parc Natural de Llevant, Camí de pintors, Na Foradada, ca de Miner, Miradors de s'Arxiduc, Tossals Verds, Victòria...


In addition to all those mentioned, there are many more which you can find in blogs, on specialised pages or on hotel websites. Here are some recommendations for where to perform the search: http://www.senderosdemallorca.com, http://www.conselldemallorca.info/sit/senderisme/index_es.html, https://www.serradetramuntana.eu/, http://mallorcaconperro.com/rutas-de-senderismo/ (ofrecen opciones para que nos acompañe nuestro perro), http://www.turismepetit.com/lugares-por-tipo/excursion/ …  


Some basic recommendations when going on excursions: inspect the routes well and choose the one which best suits your characteristics (difficulty, altitude, length...); wear appropriate clothing and shoes (a sun hat is never too much); it's important to carry liquids and some food to recover your strength if necessary; don't carry too much weight in the backpack; if you don't know the route, don't leave the marked road; always be accompanied and don't leave anyone behind; and carry a fully charged phone in case there is an emergency.


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