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Normally, when people from outside the islands listen to others talking about Mallorca they quickly relate this to sunshine and beaches. This is a significant mistake which we would like to rectify with this post.  


We won’t deny that the climate and beaches in the summertime are not the main attraction, both for visitors and for locals, but we have many other things that are well worth discovering, and one of the best times to do this is the spring.


During this season we tend to enjoy a daytime temperature of between 15 to 20 degrees (sometimes higher) so we can enjoy the beaches without the crowds, without hammocks or sunshades, and in absolute tranquillity. More courageous people may allow themselves the luxury of taking the first dip of the year. The beach bars and hotels open their doors more in a more relaxed manner while they get ready for the whirlwind of the summer. The locals take advantage of this time to go on outings and have barbecues in the mountains. With the change in the time, we start to spend more time outdoors (we now have sunshine until 8.30pm) and there are cultural activities and festivals in every town.


As we said earlier, there is much to discover in Mallorca during the spring and, today, we suggest how you can discover its rural side. There is no better time to enjoy excursions and walks. The contrast between the greens and blues is majestic, and in many cases, the tranquillity is absolute. You can take a walk to the edge of any town and soon find yourself immersed in paradise: fields of soft grass, almond trees in bloom, traditional Mallorcan dry stone walls surrounding the fields, animals resting in the sun after the cold nights, flowers in a thousand colours,  farm workers labouring in the fields to fill the markets with seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, windmills…


In our previous post, we have already said that spring is the time for cycle tourism, as many people take advantage of this time to enjoy the conditions on the island. It is a good time to practice the sport or to discover Mallorca in a more relaxed way.


Some advice: 1) If you visit Mallorca during this season, don’t forget your camera and a good-sized memory card in reserve. 2) Find out which festivals are taking place during your stay and enjoy them. 3) Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal gastronomy and the local produce. 4) If you need to make journeys as a group, you can rely on services like Futurtrans, a local bus company run by local people. We can pick you up at the airport and take you wherever you want. We can offer you advice at any time and can adapt to your needs.


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